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Banners Speak Out

beach club tanning studio logoA banner speaks out and says who you, what's happening, or what you should take a look at. For example the printed banner to the right says who and what happens with both words and graphics. The vinyl banner for the Charleston Area Shag Society below shows who, where, and for how long.

Namaste Embroidery offers our customers two basic types of banners, either a vinyl banner or a printed banner. Each of these banner types has their own unique purpose and design possibilities.

A vinyl banner offers bold strokes of color to announce the person, place, or happening. However, it is limited to a few colors and can not provide photo capabilities. For example, the banner below for the American Bop association Hall of Fame uses reflective gold foil and black vinyl to outline the large letters and provide the wording on the bar underlining the words Hall of Fame.

aba hall of fame banner

A printed banner offers full color, including pictures and or high quality graphics. The following banner was printed on canvas and sprayed with a UV protective coating to protect the colors from the effects of the sun. Our clear coat protection also provides resistance to abrasion.

graduation banner

river city bopper bannerA banner is not limited to horizontal format. In fact, we can provide a variety of different banner stands to display your banner vertically. The banner and stand shown to the left is portable and holds banners using the grommet holes. This provides versatility for our customers by allowing them to use the same banner with the stand or allows them to hang the banner when the stand is not needed. This can reduces the expense of having two banners, one for the stand and one to hang when displaying the banner in different locations. Another idea is to use the same stand with different banners. Either way, a very cost effective combination.

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Use Banners for:

  • Personal – for birthdays, graduations, and welcome home
  • Sports – for tournament and sponsorship
  • Trade shows – for booth identification & product presentation
  • Retail – for sales, advertising, marketing, and promotion
  • Bands – for your band or musical group, whether you are rock and roll band, a gospel band, a reggae band or some other type of band or musical group
  • Informational – for displaying Now Hiring, For Sale, New Ownership or Management
  • Teams – for Soccer, Little League Baseball, Race, Hockey, or any other team activity
  • Community Events – for Fairs, Carnivals, Rodeos, or Community Events
  • Schools and Education – for Fund Raising and Special Events indoors or outdoors
  • Wedding – for wedding, there are a variety of uses




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